Thursday, March 18, 2010



jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

Like both, but 2nd pic to die for. How can one man have it all?
He has truly captured all our hearts!!

jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

NB's, are you coming out tonight?? Been thinking about the chair straddle all day long!!!!!

jc(inseamspecialist) said...

LOL! I changed my name, to promote myself. haha Rob, are you reading this???

rpattzgirl said...

what chair straddle? What did I miss?

I got so pissed by the judgement/druugie/alcohol issues on Robsessed today...

Good God, can he live a little without judgement?

What do you look like exhausted, after a 15 hr day and maybe 1 or 2 drinks?

Bet not as good as Rob, I know I don't!

Teri said...

oh RPG the chair straddling came about last night. We were talking about fantasies and that was an angie-k fantasy.

Ripley said...

I have to agree the Rob is high issues are over the top. I was exhausted watching the videos of him before he went inside--all hapyy, smiley, getting his pic taken with every fan and all the interviews. ugh!
EP and MOTU updates helped to brighten my day.

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Hiya, all! Just popping in/out, catching up (or trying)!

Teri, check your email! ; )

BBL, Fifty is calling for me right now! LOL!

rpattzgirl said...


Oh, LMAO!!! I thought I missed some fuck hot photo or something!!!!

мαясєllα Ϟ said...

I loved this photos!..
I love Rob♥
...I'm a brazilian fan (: