Tuesday, March 2, 2010

**Sigh**Where do I Begin?

The past 2 days have been such a whirlwind of Rob with photos, interviews, videos..I haven't even paused long enough to take a breath!

I had technical difficulties all day yesterday, my IPhone can't handle most videos or photos, I couldn't see everything that was going on, twitter, ROBsessed...I was just having a meltdown all day.

Not to mention the fact that I was so EXCITED for my fellow NB's who are in NY and got to see Rob, up close and personal, got to attend the red carpet event...and got to see the premier of Remember Me..in the theater, with Rob. I can't even begin to comprehend what that feels like!

There are 100's of photos, videos, interviews, and even on my brand new shiny laptop, I can't begin to post even 50% of them, so I won't even try.

So, here's to you my sweet Rob. This really is your moment. Enjoy it baby, you've earned it.

If I can get permission from CL & Angie, I'll post their video as well.

Watch out sweetie, slippery...

This is from The Today Show on March 1st... CL & Angie were right there!

So here's a few photos from the past 2 days. There are many videos & interviews I'd like to post as well, but my connection is so slow, it would take me all night!

Love you Rob, and I am so proud of you!
Your Girly


jc said...

This has been just an overwhelming 24 hours. I simply cannot take in all the info posted on the internet(Thank God for the internet). You want to be everywhere at once and it's impossible. Now that things are a little calmer we can take the time to sit back and enjoy all the awesome pics. OMG, Rob looks great and we're so proud. Then, what an experience for CL and angie. Hard to believe it really happened for them. I cannot wait to see RM and am expecting more wonderful reviews. Whew!!!!

ps love tipsy Rob and that awesome grey suit!

Martini Gal said...

I can hardly take all the information. My phone can't keep up, I miss things. I have had to wait to get home and see what's been there. Though angie and CL got to experience ROBSTOCK first hand, the little I've felt courtesy of them and everyone else has been a total blast.

Looking at beautiful picture after beautiful picture, adorkable video after adorkable video, skin tight pants, my panties have exploded repeatedly. I've spent the past couple of days full of excitement for everything surrounding Robstock and hot and bothered at the same time.

And I'm on cough medicine, so I don't know how much this makes sense. hahahahahahahahaha

jc said...

@Martini Gal
You're making perfect sense! NB's tend to think alike!

Martini Gal said...

@jc - thanks! This cough medicine is really kicking in and I find myself wanting to do very naughty things with this lovely adorkable man.

wensdazzled said...

martini--i don't think the cough medicine has anything to do with that--LMAO

Martini Gal said...

I'm afraid you're right. hehehehehheheh

jc said...

Yeah, I haven't had any cough medicine either, but being mellow does give you a little edge on the naughty thoughts!!

Martini Gal said...

I keep looking at these pictures and I just want to lick that jaw...

rpattzgirl said...

Ok so I'm not the only one needing to step back & calm down!!!

I was so distraught yesterday I went out & finally bought a laptop... But the wireless network is like having dial up... So slow!

Then my daughter tells me tonight my laptop is making her PC run slow because there's 2 of us trying to use the wireless!!!!

Omfg!!!!!! Shut it down, back on my phone again till she goes to bed... Geez I can't win...

Ana73 said...

overwhelming is not even the word...maybe rob overload but i love every pic, video and interview.

tell your daughter you are doing something very important and you wont be done til later tonight and to back off LOL.

love ya and hang in there :))

ADM said...

RPG, I am exhausted!!! The last few days have been insane. Trying to keep up with everything. Trying to have a life.

Geez, I have not had time to even comment here in days.

I love getting all this new info on Rob but kind of glad to get a rest now that he is in London.

Go make another great movie Rob. Make us even more proud. We will be here when the whirlwind starts, again.

That is if I don't die in the theater after Remember Me. LOL