Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deleted New Moon Scene-why Chris? Why?

I really wish they had left this scene in the movie...this was practically right out of the book, and really ties the break up scene together more than the way they did it in the movie...

book, and it really ties into the scene when Edward leaves Bella.


jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

Yes, rpg, I agree. Seriously, lead in up to break up was so very important.
p.s. I could have done with some extra "dog" being edited out!!!

Anonymous said...

Really! Why would they cut this out? It makes more sense how "bothered" he was..(accidental Jimmy Fallon reference, but it actually works here LOL!) It's a whopping 2 minutes...what would it have hurt?

RPLover said...

ITA with you! He's not being whiny, it's straight out of the book and I think it's important to the following scene! (which has one of the hottest kisses EVER.)

ADM said...

I agree, it should have been left in. Too bad.

I truely believe that if you do not read the books, you do not "Get" the depth of emotion that drives the saga.

The movies seem to be made for those that have read the books and can fill in the blanks. Too bad, again. I think many more people would get the point, if the movies actually filled in the blanks for the none reader.

Too bad, so sad.