Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Moon DVD Will Be Here In 13 Days!!!

In all the Remember Me, Eclipse Trailer & Bel Ami hoopla I keep having to remind myself that New Moon is almost here as well!!!
Even though I saw it 9 times in the theater, I can not wait to have this in my home, to watch over & over.
My poor Twilight DVD needs a break!


Chocolate Martini Gal said...

Hi rpg! I hope you're feeling better!! :o)

femroc said...

Watching the Oscars - was hoping someone was here to talk to. Kris and Tay are sitting together........sweet.
Hope Rob is watching at least. Wish he were there!! : (

Chocolate Martini Gal said...

@femroc - I'm over on Robsessed.

Ripley said...

Looking forward to the DVD and the extras. Hope there's a lot of Rob. I tolerated Jake and the human wolves (in the book too). I just don't like the characters but did like the CGI wolves.