Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eclipse Behind the Scenes from NM DVD


ADM said...

With Remember Me looming over us for the last few months, it was easy to forget about Eclipse.

Now that I have seen RM several times (probably more to come) I can actually look forward to seeing Eclipse. It looks great. From what we have seen, it looks like we will get a nice balance of romance and action. I can't wait.

Oh, and Robward looks AMAZING in the Eclipse clips.

jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

Good morning, rpg
What a weekend! Friday audience, maybe 20 at 4pm, but full house Saturday night!!! My friends loved the movie. Had lots of the usual teens, who acted like they normally act. I had to shhh a couple of times. They laughed during the boardroom scene! Get a life!!!
An idiot AP reviewer in my newspaper basically gave away the ending.
I am still so on my Rob high. Brilliant says it all!!!!

Love the Eclipse sneak preview. Rob, of course, and Cullens look awesome. I think this might be a great movie!


jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

Hey ADM!
How was your audience? The cells were out in abundance at my Saturday showing. Yes, I agree. Robward~OMG!

rpattzgirl said...

I am so didapponted with the turn out for the movie... and I hate that it's turned into a kstew fans vs rib fans war.z
on Twitter last night kstew fans were saying they won't go just to piss of the Rob fans... really mature people.

I blame summit as well, not releasing it fully..
This is a small film & can not be compared to Twilight, I hate what critics & people are saying,,,they haven't even given the movie a chance..

On to Eclipse, I think it's gonna be great and Edward finally looks young again!!!!

wensdazzled said...

i<3 that jaw

womadsart said...

ITA rpg, People are stupid.. I have friends that were right there for NM first showing at Midnight but yet they were not there for RM. One of them said she has heard mixed reviews and that some people are offended at the ending. WTF!! people!! I thought the ending brings a topic that a lot of us might tend to forget that happened.. It was appropriate with the theme of the movie and it tied in well. WTF!!! I would think that was a positive thing not that would offend people. I hate people sometimes!

I have to say that last night and this morning the theater here on Gilbert was full.. no waiting lines though but at least full. I will go again tonight and see how many fans show.

jc(filmsetcostumerwannabe) said...

Is this gonna be the RR thread? OMFG,I am SO done in by that BA pic of Rob. Holy, fucking shit. He looks so fucking hot I am having a panic attack! That beautiful, sexy face, Jesus! And the pants...OMG. Did you notice the fit!!!!!! Why, oh, why can't I be a costumer on this set! (Thanks, AP) That inseam would need to be adjusted at least 10 times. The HAIR, OMG. I can't breathe!!!!