Saturday, March 27, 2010


There is just too much hotness out there to ignore. So welcome to Rob-A-Palooza...where you can enjoy, pant after, lust after and drip all over yourself....

Oh I wish I was an Oscar, not fitting...

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OMFG... This is the NORTH photo I was looking for the other night!!!

LARGE!!!!!!!!!! on Twitpic

This is from today, arriving in Budapest...notice the uh, er, package is nice & tight.

Uh, what the hell is he looking at? An NB hanging from a tree no doubt.. Last night at the Lyric lounge..

Uh, yes, one foot in front of the other...

I actually think he's taking a little nap...

Do not look up! But notice how fucking good I look in these tight button flys..

I got this from my buddy RPL...Mafia Edward...Little EP don't ya think?

Gotta throw in some shirtless Edward..

And of course, some fighting Rob with his black socks. Ever seen anything sexier? Nope, didn't think so..

Here's some lovely fucking Rob back..from New Moon, and hold on to your panties, because here's some Tyler back too..

Are you still alive? Need to change your panties?

You can't have Rob-A-Palooza without the stoli, the sex boots, the sexpenders and the beanie! Right Annie?

This one? Just cuz he's fuck hot, that's why..

Photobucket fucking words.............
I have to have the button fly high!!!! on Twitpic

No! I can't take anymore!

Still here? Still alive?


cerulean blue said...


For pure, mainline Rob, your site rocks.

Just had to say...

rpattzgirl said...

Thanks bb....

papagáj said...

Whole package !!!!!


RPG are you gonna be a serial killer or sth like that???

papagáj said...

...and i must say it again


Olga said...

*just me*
RPG :) it's hot in here, yea..but the lovely f** back pics rock my world! everything about his back/shoulders/a* has a special place in my heart. i wonder why is it? in a RL i don't even bother to notice someone's back. that pic from RAoR's banner is my fave. i'm attached to it..i mean to this pic.
so, please, continue to search out..
Thank you! off for pantie-changing..

RPLover said...

OMG, this has got to be one of your best posts ever!!! RAWR!! ;)

rpattzgirl said...

Love all the RobCrotch!

Capitu ~ said...

Rpg ~

I think it is my 1st time here.
I need to say I loved the site. Your sense of humour is adorable.
And this post... aww, this post!
I do, too. I love RobCrotch porn (can I say it here? I guess I can, I saw the warning...)

I have a question:
Do you, Ladies, believe in 'cum at first sight'?

Aww, that man!... Yes, it is possible.


Capitu ~ said...

GAH! I just need to say one more thing:
The pic that comes with this "Can you take it all, baby?" O.M.G*!

This is so how I imagine sex God Professor Edward Masen!
"Can you take it all, baby?", asks him, with THAT look?
-- Oh, yes, Professor, I can! Give me all, pleeeease...


Ripley said...

Nice variety of pics. I just have to remember to breath when looking at him. Like the Maffia Edward...drooling you know when EP will be updated?
There's a couple of stories out there Edward's Clan (the family are assassins) and if you don't like Jacob. by Greenaway. I'm looking for the one where Edward's the maffia boss. Both aren't finished with very slow updates. Some chapters are better than others.