Sunday, March 7, 2010

Please Support Remember Me Saturday (and all weekend)

Next weekend will be huge for Rob, and like all his fans I will be out there, in the theaters supporting not only this wonderful movie, but most importantly, supporting Rob.

Next weekend is very important. This is Robs first post Twilight movie, first non-Edward role, and his first shot at Exec. Producer. This is huge!

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Alice in Wonderland had a massive opening this weekend, beating out even Avatar, which means it will still have a very large pull next weekend as well. If you must see this movie (or any other) please don't see it next weekend.
Let's prove it to all the naysayers that Rob can open a box office movie, that he can indeed ACT and most importantly, let's support this beautiful gifted man.

On a personal note, I've been in bed sick for 3 days, can hardly get out of bed to even shower, can't breath or eat, and all I can think about is Thank God! I did not get sick next weekend!!!

I will be there, everyday next weekend to support my love... hope everyone else will too!

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